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Criminal Minds Musica quinta stagione

Elenco dei brani musicali utilizzati negli episodi della quinta stagione di Criminal Minds, possono esserci variazioni tra le musiche utilizzate nella trasmissione tv e quelle utilizzate nei dvd.
01. Senza nome, senza volto (Nameless Faceless)
"Livin' on Borrowed Time" Puddle of Mudd
"Lovers And Friends" Dan Hemphill  
"Tears and Pain" Living Legends  
"Tears of Pain" Ruthie Foster  
"Tears of Pain" The Harmalators     

04. Violenza pura (Hopeless)
"Heavy and Hanging" Patterson Hood
"Treat Me Like Your Mother" The Dead Weather
"Summer Love" Frank Sinatra

05. Un terribile giro di giostra (Cradle to Grave)
"Such a Beautiful Thing" Chris Mills
"Sunshine" Atmosphere
"What About Now"   Daughtry
"Universal Nation " Push
"It's the End of the World As We Know It" R.E.M.
"When All Is Said and Done" Tyrone Wells


06. L'enucleatore (The Eyes Have It)
"Shelter from the Storm" Bob Dylan

07. La musica del sangue(The Performer)
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" Gavin Rossdale
"Can You Hear Me" The Lions
"Evil Eye" The Lions

09. 100
"Evil Is Alive and Well" Jakob Dylan

10. Schiavo del dovere(The Slave of Duty)
"Still I Long For Your Kiss" Lucinda Williams

11. Vendetta incrociata (Retaliation)
"Strength" 7 Seconds  
"Legacy" Dane Cook 
"My Side of the Story " Hodges
"Evil Is Alive and Well" Jakob Dylan  
"Broken" Lifehouse  
"Right Where It Belongs" Nine Inch Nails

12. Il gioco continua (The Uncanny Valley)
"Alleluiah"   Constance Demby

13. Risky Business
"Enemy" Flyleaf
"Holding On" Avril Lavigne  
"I'm Still Holding On" Ken Holloway  
"Sort of" Silversun Pickups  

14. Parasite
"Luck Be a Lady" Frank Sinatra

15. Public Enemy
"Black River" Amorphis

16. Mosley Lane
"Omberg" Frederik
"Illabye" Tipper

17. Il Re Solitario (A Solitary Man)
"Solitary Man" Johnny Cash

18. Fino alla morte(The Fight)
"Street Fighting Man" Rolling Stones
"Shine A Light" World Parade  
"Goin' Down" Three Days Grace

21. Sindrome abbandonica (Exit Wounds)

"I Made a Lovers Prayer" Gillian Welch

23. Our Darkest Hour
"I'm your man" Leonard Cohen
" Everybody Knows"  Leonard Cohen


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